Charleston Executive

Operated by Executive Ground Logistics LLC

Serving Asheville NC, Charleston SC and Key West FL

1107 Key Plaza, Suite 432, Key West FL 33040

843-746-9000 / 888-309-7779 / Fax 888-830-9917


Credit Card Authorization


Customer Name_________________________________________________________


Company Name (if applicable)______________________________________________


Credit Card Billing Address ________________________________________________


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Credit Card Information


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I, the undersigned, authorize Charleston Executive to charge the above referenced credit card for transportation and related services which may be rendered through Charleston Executive and/or its affiliates. In accordance with the terms and conditions between Charleston Executive and the undersigned, I fully understand all policy and procedures, cancelation fees and additional charges as listed on Charleston Executive’s website I authorize Charleston Executive to process all charges accordingly and understand that my credit card will be authorized prior to the contracted date and time and billed based on scheduled charges and services.